CasaCore.jl is a Julia wrapper of CasaCore, which is a commonly used library in radio astronomy.

Functionality is divided into two submodules:

Getting Started

Prior to using this package, the CasaCore library must be installed on your machine. The header and shared library files must either be located in a standard location or the corresponding directories must be added to the appropriate system path environment variable.

Additionally you must also have v0.5 of the Julia programming language. CasaCore.jl makes use of features that are not present in v0.4 or lower. Download and install the latest version of Julia from the Julia language website.

Finally you may obtain CasaCore.jl by running (from within the Julia REPL):

Pkg.add("CasaCore")  # download CasaCore.jl and attempt to build the wrapper
Pkg.test("CasaCore") # test that CasaCore.jl is working properly

If Pkg.add("CasaCore") fails with a build error, you may need to make sure that the CasaCore libraries are installed and can be found by your C++ compiler. You can attempt to re-build the CasaCore.jl wrapper by running"CasaCore"), but this is only necessary if the first attempt failed.

If CasaCore.jl was built successfully but any (or all) of the tests fail after running Pkg.test("CasaCore"), please open a Github issue.

Bugs and Feature Requests

Development of this package is ongoing and largely focused on my own requirements. If you need additional features, open an issue or a pull request. In the short term, you can use the excellent PyCall package to access the Python wrapper of CasaCore (python-casacore).