Getting Started

Getting Started

julia> Pkg.add("LibHealpix")
julia> Pkg.test("LibHealpix")

LibHealpix.jl is a registered Julia package and can be installed by running Pkg.add("LibHealpix") from the Julia REPL. You can verify that the package is installed and functioning correctly by running Pkg.test("LibHealpix").

Troubleshooting the Installation

Verify that libcfitsio, libchealpix, and libhealpix_cxx are all installed and available in the linker's search path.

# On Ubuntu these dependencies can be installed using apt
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install cfitsio-dev
$ sudo apt-get install libchealpix-dev    # v16.04 and later only
$ sudo apt-get install libhealpix-cxx-dev # v16.04 and later only

# On OSX these dependencies can be installed using Homebrew
$ brew update
$ brew install homebrew/science/cfitsio
$ brew install homebrew/science/healpix

After these dependencies are installed make sure to rebuild the package by running


If you continue to have problems installing the package, please open a Github issue. In the text please include the details of your operating system, Julia version, and LibHealpix.jl version.