Michael W Eastwood

Julia Packages

These packages are officially registered, which means they can be installed by running Pkg.add("<name>") from the Julia REPL.


Logo for CasaCore.jl

CasaCore.jl is a Julia language wrapper of the CasaCore library.

CasaCore is used for interacting with Measurement Sets (a data format used by the VLA, ALMA, and the OVRO-LWA) as well as for astronomical coordinate system transformations. CasaCore.jl is used extensively with the OVRO-LWA for flagging, calibration, and imaging.


Logo for LibHealpix.jl

LibHealpix.jl is a Julia language wrapper of the Healpix library.

Healpix is widely used in astronomy as an equal-area pixelization of the sphere where pixels are arranged along rings of constant latitude for fast spherical harmonic transforms. The OVRO-LWA Sky Maps are distributed in Healpix format and were created using LibHealpix.jl.


UnitfulAstro.jl is an extension of Unitful.jl that provides unit-checked computations for astronomers with no runtime overhead.

OVRO-LWA Software

This is a list of open source software that I developed for the OVRO-LWA.


Logo for TTCal.jl

TTCal is a complex gain calibration routine developed for the OVRO-LWA.

TTCal is designed from the ground up to be well-tested, simple, and easy to modify. It started as an exercise in learning how calibration works in radio astronomy, but it is now the primary routine by which sources are peeled from OVRO-LWA datasets.